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Portraits Persuaded Me to Read About Artists Again

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

January 23: I found this collection of interviews in a different little free library (LFL 2). At first, I did not think that it was the right type of book to read. I was fixated on finding another interesting novel rather than a work of nonfiction. Then, after browsing through the book, noticing the black and white reproductions of artworks in different styles, scanning the list of artists that the author interviewed, flipping the volume and reading the reviews on the back cover I decided to take him.

February 2nd: I walked to a city park that is close to the LFL 2 and my home. (I don’t have a car anymore due to a car crash caused by a negligent driver. Carrying all the camera gear and the portable typewriter with its wooden case for long distances is a time-consuming workout.) While sitting at a picnic table I typed the letter to reader # 2. Fortunately, my fragile old typewriter was able to make it through without falling apart. A few days later I folded the letter in the same way as the previous one and created the origami bookmark instructions.

February 9: Like with book 1, I inserted the letter and the origami instructions inside Portraits and re-shelved him in the little free library 2 wishing him in bocca al lupo (= good luck in Italian.)

April 17: Unfortunately, book 2 seems to have suffered the same fate as book 1. I have not seen him in any of the little free libraries located in nearby neighborhoods. So far, nobody has contacted me regarding his whereabouts.

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Thank You and Happy Reading!

Memory Loop Action Art Project/Book 2

Portraits Talking with Artists at the Met, the Modern, the Louvre and Elsewhere

Author: Michael Kimmelman

Publisher: Penguin Random House, NY

Year: 1999 Modern Library Paperback edition

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