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Bees and Fifteen Dogs (Book # 4)

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Saturday, May 23: It is another dry day in Albuquerque. Surprisingly, clouds are breaking up the monotonous blueness of the sky. I bet that they will not produce any rain but dissipate like ghosts after sunset like yesterday and the day before yesterday. I don’t remember the last time when Albuquerque was blessed with liquid precipitation. This hot air reminds me more of summer than spring. Bees don’t seem to care about the heat. They are flying like maniacs around flowering cacti. They plunge deeply into their brilliantly colored petals that shimmer as if they were made of silk. They ruthlessly kick out other fellow bees when the inebriating tight space gets too cramped and are totally oblivious to what's going on at little free libraries.

A few hours ago, I stopped at the little free library # 4 on my way to the grocery store to see if book # 4 was back. Disappointingly, It was not.

A young woman approached the book kiosk as soon as I was ready to leave. She was holding two books in one of her hands. I asked her if she usually returned the same books that she borrowed from the little free libraries. She looked at me surprised, as if it was a strange question to ask, and uttered a straightforward no. Her answer made me curious to know what she did with those books, so I questioned her about it but I did not get a straight answer. Then I asked her if she remembered seeing the book titled Fifteen Dogs and her answer was another no. I briefly mentioned to her my action art project Memory Loop and said that I would greatly appreciate it if she would return the book to that library in case she had the chance to come across it and read it. This time her answer was yes.

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